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Still struggling

with installation?

  • Damaged wall after drilling

  • Nail installation hit hands

  • High installation cost for workers

  • Damaged ceramic tiles

Ordinary adhesive carrying nails can cause significant damage to the wall surface

No nails

This invisible glue is ideal for heavy-duty adhesion for mounting

Metal bonded
tiles do not
require drilling

and waterproof

After drying, it gradually becomes transparent,
achieving invisible bonding effect

  • before

  • after


Excellent Bond Strength

(-49°F to +239°F)

Resistant to heat and cold

  • Waterproof
    moisture proof

  • Waterproof and
    moisture proof

  • Low temperature

Safe & nontoxic

Does not affect pregnant
women and children.

  • Nontoxic

  • Biodegradable

Able to bond
99% of the substrate

Indoor and outdoor universal non damaging substrate

Usage method

  • wipe the adhesive
    surface clean

  • pierce the protective
    film of the pipe
    opening with a cover

  • paint in a "strip"
    or "dot" or "w" shape

  • firmly press and flatten, use a fixed sticker
    to stick tightly, and finally wipe off any spilled
    gel from the edges

  • wait for 48-72 hours
    before you can use it

Disassembly method

Spray alcohol repeatedly, let it stand for 30 minutes, peel off with a small knife and scrape off any remaining adhesive

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