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The Gardening Hand Weeder Tools are designed to make weeding work more efficient. It is perfect for any gardening enthusiast looking for an easy and effective way to take care of their garden
An ideal tool for weeding and cultivating soil
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Suitable for Weeding Work in Various Narrow Gaps

Gardening Hand Weeder Tools is designed with crescent shape, which is perfect for weeding work in various narrow gaps.

Thickened Manganese Steel Material

Gardening Hand Weeder Tools is made of thickened manganese steel material, which is welding firmly and not easily deformed or broken.

Extended Handle

The extended design handle increases the range of use.The weeder is ergonomically designed to allow you to remove weeds easily without straining your hands or back.

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Dig out a potato
Soil plowing
garden planting
bamboo shoots
Dig ridge


2023 New Gardening
Hand Weeder Tools

Extended Type

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Ordinary Type

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Weeding Set

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Weight: 0.12kg
Thickness: 2mm
Connecting rod diameter: 8 millimeters
Length: 29cm
Material: manganese steel